What is DefaultUserOne About?

Hector “Rico” De Jesus has been fascinated not by the “how things work” but the “how can we make them work better”.  Constantly striving for tech perfection in a lot of ways, he’s always using creative methods to improve on existing technology and sharing his insights along the way.  From offering his thoughts on improving big-name companies like Google and Apple to reviewing whatever new phone he gets his hands on, you can always count on an unbiased opinion with a healthy dose of humor.

Rico has been working with technology as a casual observer, in-house tinkerer, help desk technician, and systems administrator.  Besides breaking things and putting them back together, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.  His hobbies also include retro gaming, listening to music, reading tech blogs, and creative writing.

Even with a busy schedule, he’s never too busy to share his thoughts and feelings and offer some insight on what he thinks the future of technology will bring.  In 2010 he created an extremely small blog, DefaultUserOne.com.  The object of the site is to provide not-so technical information and opinions centered on user experience and the end product.  Although technical information is relied upon, the main goal is to break complex issues down to the simplest form so consumers can relate to them more easily.

Product reviews are also an important part of the website.  These reviews are UNPAID and always will be.  If you do have a product or service that you’d like reviewed, please send an email.

Suggestions, comments, or concerns are always welcome so feel free to ask.